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Spirits of Place

Places speak...

  Spirit of Place pieces bare the textures of special places like springs, stone circles and tors that i have journeyed to. The first thing i do when i arrive at any site, is be silent and absorb the essence of the place, i listen to the voices inhabiting it and hear their stories.


  I record my visits in photographs and writing, but what i bring back to the Temple Studio to use in my creations are textures. The tiny hills and valleys of rock and bark textures, the imprints of leaves and flowers. Using a reusable mould material, i take moulds from the stones, trees or plants of each place. If you would like to read about my experiences at some of these places please visit my blog.


  I feel that, not only the place itself is held in the textures - all it's memories and wisdoms, but also how it was on the day i visited, who else was there and all else that was an influence the day i took the mould. At times my journey and experience seem as relevant as the place itself, for not much in this world exists in isolation.


  When in my studio i use Precious Metal Clay to make beads and other elements from the moulds. I feel the memories of that place, what it remembers, and my experiences of it, are captured in the peaks and valleys of these textures. When i am in my studio i use these textures to bring the essence and wisdom of that place into the things i create.


Each piece of clay is then fired until it turns into pure metal - either copper or fine silver.

Spirit of place co
St nectans glen silveron wood.jpg

Spirits of Place 

Spirit of Place pieces are created by using reusable moulds to take textures of rocks, tree or plants at special places. I think of these textures like the grooves in a record, tracing your finger tip over them recalls the essence of the place.


To commission your own Spirit of Place piece, you can contact me and i will send you a piece of re-mouldable material. 

Prices for these pieces vary dependent on size, material and style of hanging so we can discuss those details once you have contacted me.

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