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Job Application for Apprentice Talisman Maker

Submission window closes on the 1st of March.

Please complete the form to apply for a position with me in the Temple Studio

Details about this position are below this form, you can contact me with any questions through the below linked contact form, but please read all the details below first.

Come Work With Jade

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

I am looking for an apprentice to become a Sacred Talisman Maker. If you’d like to see more of my work, to get an idea what this means, you can visit these pages here and here on my website where there are galleries of my favourite pieces and writing about how i work and why. Alternatively you can follow this link to my instagram gallery.

This apprenticeship would not be paid, but, instead, would work on a time for time exchange basis.


It would be 4 hours

One day a week (TBA)

Every week - except school holidays 

for at least a year.


How this looks - one day a week (arranged between us to be the same day every week) you spend four hours with me in the studio, the first two hours are working hours, then 2 hours of me teaching you.


The exchange is 2 hours of work for 2 hours of tuition.


This apprenticeship is to learn to make the kind of jewellery i make. 


Therefore i will share with you only the skills that i have developed to create my own unique style of jewellery. This is not a learn-how-to-make-any-kind-of-jewellery arrangement. You will be apprenticed to me, as the artist, and i will teach you how to make pieces with the skills and techniques i have learnt and developed. Once you have learnt these skills you will then be encouraged and supported to create your own work. Ultimately i imagine stopping my own involvement with making jewellery and handing you the tool wands so that you can become the Talisman Maker, so that i may move on to my future artistic expressions!




You need to enjoy the style of the jewellery i make, which has an ancient aesthetic, is deeply symbolic, earth and myth inspired, ritualistically created and talismanic.


You need to have a good level of dexterity in your fingers, there is a lot of small fiddly work involved in these creations. 


You need to have an interest in creating pieces of jewellery that serve as little altars for peoples bodies, touch stone reminders of their chosen path, tokens of thresholds crossed, or talismans of animal or deity guides.


You will need to have artistic aspirations.


You need to be reliable.


And last, but by now means least, i am a sacred maker working with symbol, ritual, dreams and myths. My work has a magical essence and you need to be open to learning this aspect. My work is not just making blobs of matter, it is weaving magic, and this apprenticeship will not suit anyone who is not willing to engage with that aspect of the work. You do not need to have your own magical practice or consider yourself a ‘witch’ or any other epithet, I simply ask that you are, at the very least, interested and open.

I have no requirements pertaining to age or gender, i only ask for enthusiasm, reliability and commitment.


You would be working with me in the studio in my garden. I apologise, but i do not have wheelchair access. 


Practical skills you will learn…


You will learn to work with precious metal clay - to roll and shape, to make marks with tools, to take moulds of natures textures and use them, and to sculpt; then you will learn to refine, fire, clean, patina, polish and hang your pieces.


You will learn how to design and string dynamic beaded necklaces - which mostly involves a good Bead Soup (don’t worry you’ll find out what i mean).


You will learn how to bind elements with natural fibres and without glue.


You will learn how to make some findings, bindings and simple forged metal elements.


You will learn some basics in working with soft leather and cording, as well as eco dying threads for jewellery projects, and paper and cotton cloth for other creations.


You will pick up skills in website running, postage and packaging, photographing jewellery, and working with clients on designing commissions.


And no doubt some other skills along the way.

In the first few weeks i will teach you how to make the basic elements that comprise the work that i need assistance with, this includes making findings (things like hooks and jump rings), doing polishing, packaging parcels, taking photos and doing shop updates etc. Once you know how to do these things we will then begin dividing our time together into 2 hours of you working for me - making findings, doing polishing etc; and the other two hours i will spend teaching you skills.

Please fill out the online application form above to apply.


I will offer interviews after the 1st March 2024 submission window has closed.

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