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Is it a gift?

I write a blessing card to go with each piece. So if it's a gift and you let me know the name of the person i can address the blessing to them making it more personal.

All of these pieces are made in my Temple Studio, with a focus on creating potent objects that can be given as special gifts, used as magical tools, or worn as touch stone connectors to your wisdom keepers, inner guides, ancestral memories or land spirits. 


I create in the hope that these pieces will serve as physical ode poems to your own wild wisdom, maps to the song lines of your being, ritual tools that help to give your

intention direction.

Hand Stamped Kraft Recycled plain paper note book A5

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An A5 notebook (21 by 14.8cm) with plain white pages inside for drawing or writing. Sewn spine.

Flowering Through Loss depicts the moment we realise we can bloom through loss.

She is the goddess of the space, experienced through grief of any kind, now filled with something new.

In place of her lost breast is a flower, representing the new growth that can come through a budding of understanding and compassion, of finding ones strength, of knowing that we can come back from the brink.

Creature Goddess - Creature Goddess is she who shifts and moves, she who can be animal, can talk to animal when in human for. She who sleeps and dreams in leaves and moves with water and sun. See her hands in centring mudra, she is embodied, knows the bodies ways and flows, this is how she moves, through the warm blood of others.

Menstrual Goddess is dweller in the blood temple, who rides the tides, the ebb and flow of blood and moon phase. She has wise advise on how to move with shifting hormones, movement of energy and mood. How to hold blood sacred and honour the earth with it.

She knows of the magic of bleeding, of shedding an inner skin, of small deaths and the release of the old and unnecessary. She knows how to lean in to the visionary dreaming that slowed time offers. She knows the initiatory power of pain.

Her temple is your body, her altar your womb.

Bear Behind Me - You are supported from behind by a bear, a mother, cave dweller, mistress of dreams that birth into life. She stands behind you supporting you in your raw power. You can be naked and vulnerable and her fur and roar will shield and envelope you. She is bear who stands behind you.

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Spirits of Place 

Spirit of Place pieces are created by using reusable moulds to take textures of rocks, tree or plants at special places. I think of these textures like the grooves in a record, tracing your finger tip over them recalls the essence of the place.


To commission your own Spirit of Place piece, you can contact me and i will send you a piece of re-mouldable material. 

Prices for these pieces vary dependent on size, material and style of hanging so we can discuss those details once you have contacted me.

Animist Apothecary Spirit Bundles

These little pouches contain symbolic pieces chosen as medicine for the wearer. They are sown shut, each stitch binding the elements closely together, closing the spell and sealing it into the bag. These bundles are seed spells woven simply with the elements and the consciousness with which they are chosen and given. Under the receivers attention a relationship can develop with the Spirit Bundles enlivening the elements and kindling the fire of the spell. Like the doll in Vasilisa of the fairytales pocket the piece will require focus and attention until it's work is done.

Commissioned Spirit Bundles can be made one of two ways, either through your request i will choose the elements for its contents, or its creation can include a Bone Reading to help define the direction that this Spirit Bundle will take. These pieces are £85, each one is totally hand made, one of a kind piece made especially for you.

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