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The Chalice

Ways to fill your cup...

 The Chalice offers ways to fill your cup with beauty and appreciation of life. More elements will be added in the future but for now please enjoy Blessed of Breath.

Blessed of Breath offers a monthly downloadable audio of a Contemplative Blessing.

These blessings are poetically written, lovingly recorded, informed and intuitive reflections inspired by a wide variety of things, for example an aspect of nature, story, mythology or symbolism.

The blessing may come from an element, a deity, a symbol, an animal, a plant or a concept, like grace or compassion. They seek to cultivate an appreciation of life and beauty.

Each Dark moon a new download will appear on the private Chalice page.

Also on this page regularly, but randomly, i will upload what i call Poet Rovings - recordings of raw audio whilst out in nature, reflections on earth, ritual, art, nature, mythology, symbolism, deities, fairytales etc.


  • Blessed of Breath

    Every month
    Poet Rovings and Monthly Blessings
     1 day free trial
    • Each dark moon a downloadable audio of a mediative blessing.
    • Poet Rovings - raw audios on earth, myth, symbolism, ritual.
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