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Serpent Connection Courses

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My personal relationship with snake began 20 years ago with intense dreams and then being bitten by a snake (non-venemous). It was a wake up call, and an initiation into the wisdom pathway of snake and what that meant for my life, my relationship to my body, sexuality, creativity and ultimately the earth and all of life.

The following 20 years have been spent following the path that serpent has laid before me with my mind, body and soul all engaged in the undertaking. 

Now the path leads me to guiding others in the ways of Snake. 

It is my wish that anyone with an eye to engaging in future courses do this one first. The reason for this is that it invites awakening of the serpent with in our own bodies. This serpent is the inner guide that will help you to know your own truth and approach all other information from a place of true groundedness in your own knowing.

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Serpent Circle Online Course


What people say about Serpent Circle...

"This course is incredible and I have to say that it is filled with magic and wisdom that fills your whole being , connecting to ourselves and our beloved earth. So much in this course to absorb and you will be transformed and touched in such deep ways."

Ancient and ubiquitous symbol of wisdom, sensuality and earth energies - serpent teaches belly to the earth, skin shedding, the power and precision of the strike and taking time to digest.

This course is concerned with learning how snakes are by nature, exploring the serpentine in our own bodies and then making a totem to enshrine all that you have learnt and to act as a guide for future journeying with snake.


When you join the Serpent Circle course you will automatically be added to the Serpent Circle group which includes anyone who has ever been on this course or any future serpent courses, it is a space to share serpentine insights and explorations. There are already some lovely sharings on their that you can explore.

How is the course delivered?


This is a 6 week long course.


The elements of this course are released bi-weekly, the lessons will be available every other Monday.

They are presented as thoughtfully and artfully designed, user friendly webpages.

Each page is also available as a downloadable audio read by myself.


All mediations and practices are also available as downloadable audios. The final lesson is presented as an instructional video as well as the webpage and audio.


There are two ways to engage with the Serpent Circle one is the self paced version which is available at all times, the other will be made available at set times and includes live Zoom Circles every two weeks on Friday evenings at 8pm UK time.

Step by Step

In the first step of this course we delve into the life habits, and therefore principle teachings, of snake. Also in this step is a downloadable audio of a mediation to find serpent in your own body.


In the second session you will be guided in a moving meditation to explore embodying the serpentine way.


Finally you will be guided to create a talisman enshrining all you have learnt and to act as a mirror for future work.


You will be guided on how to retain a relationship to this talisman and continue your journey as part of the Serpentine Circle.


This is a mini course and opportunities to go deeper will follow. 

Serpent Circle - Course Bundle


In support of this course you will receive a bundle in the post containing...


A serpentine hand stamped recycled paper notebook and eco-pen to record your experiences and wisdom treasures from snake.


A small bottle of naturally shed snake skin. 


A hand stamped eco-friendly altar card, with an intuited message inside for you.


A serpentine poem printed on recycled paper.


And a bundle of pre-cut pieces of wire for making your own snake totem. 


(You will also need a hammer, some wire cutters and round nosed pliers to make this piece. Alternatively you can make your own snake talisman out of whatever materials you prefer to and have at home).

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