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Serpent Circle (self paced version no circles)

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Ancient and ubiquitous symbol of wisdom, sensuality and earth energies - serpent teaches belly to the earth, skin shedding, the power and precision of the strike and taking time to digest. In support of this course you will receive a bundle in the post containing... A serpentine hand stamped recycled paper notebook and eco-pen to record your experiences and wisdom treasures from snake. A small bottle of naturally shed snake skin. A hand stamped eco-friendly altar card, with an intuited message inside for you. A serpentine poem printed on recycled paper. And a pre-cut piece of wire for making your own snake totem. (You will also need a hammer, some wire cutters and round nosed pliers to make this piece. Alternatively you can make your own snake talisman out of whatever materials you prefer to and have at home). In the first step of this course we delve into the life habits, and therefore principle teachings, of snake. Alos in this step is a downloadable audio of a mediation to find serpent in your own body. In the second session you will be guided in a moving meditation to explore embodying the serpentine way. Finally you will be guided to create a talisman enshrining all you have




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The Serpent Circle

The Serpent Circle

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