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A love letter to words...

 ...the way they can shroud or expose truth, explain something clearly, or wrap it in metaphor to reach or souls understanding instead.


As wands they can be used for good or ill, to reveal or deceive, but no matter which they have an unquestionable power.


Spoken they can wind a magic of both resonance and meaning around us, drawing us into the hypnotic trance of a chant; encouraging us to follow on the path of story; up wards into the ecstasy of an experience, or deep into the quiet observance of the poet.

Video by Gavind Strachan music by Rose Wildwood

Listen to a live recording...

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The Story of Skeleton Woman

The Story of Skeleton Woman is a tale that is open, skinless, raw, sensitive, a roller coaster of emotions. A tale of love, death, rebirth and hope. It requires you to bring your fishing rod and seek skeletons at the depths of your soul.


Told by myself with poetic inspiring interspertions from Susan Taylor and emotive musical accompaniment from Carolan Grzsenski on harp and voice and Boe Huntress with guitar and voice.

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One of my favourite stories for you...

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