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"When the soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and steps into the image.”
Ekhart Tolle

All of my art is made in a space i call the Temple Studio, with a focus on creating potent objects that can be given as special gifts, used as magical tools, worn or held as touch stone connectors to your wisdom keepers, inner guides, ancestral memories or land spirits.  I create in the hope that these pieces will serve as physical ode poems to your own wild wisdom, maps to the song lines of your being, ritual tools that help to give your intention direction. 

Sculpture and

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From the earth comes stone, metal, fossil, clay, bone, and, visible to some, a smoke rises - the spirit of matter. It rises from the inner fire and, in sacred art is coaxed by the maker and tended by the wearer. This weaves a magic within that has the power to guide,

to remind and to give strength.


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