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Connecting to Bone Woman

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Connecting to Bone Woman is a 9 part online course that can be done at your own pace. As soon as you pay you will gain access to all the elements to complete in your own time. It offers a carefully curated experience inspired by the story of Bone Woman. It features beautifully designed web pages for each session; downloadable audios of all the lessons, including mediations and embodiment practices, as well as my own telling of the story and some original poems. In this course you will work with creativity, guided meditation, embodiment, nature connection and ritual to guide you through an introduction to and connection with Bone Woman - your own medial nature. It will also guide you through gathering metaphorical bones, those of the soul, to reconnect with lost parts of yourself. This course is not gender specific. Feedback from participants... "The story and your presentation made it a true connection, weaving through and through my every cell." "I found your language and approach really refreshing and stirring." "I feel like I came home after a very very long time, in myself!" The 9 parts... A ritual introduction The Story of Bone Woman Bone Woman your Landscape Land as Oracle She's in your Bones Seeking Sifting Sorting Laying Out Singing the Flesh Back Closing the Circle I am an artist and personal seeker with a deep connection to this archetype, but not a trained therapist. I am available via email for advice but cannot offer therapy.





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