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Detailed CV

I am a multi-disciplinary artist with a degree in Contemporary Arts - specialising in contemporary interdisciplinary performance, movement and dance, writing for performance and expressive photography. I have an on-going art practice and experience working with people of varying ages and abilities. I have recently completed a training as a Nature Connection Facilitator.

Creative Skills Set

Talismanic art (jewellery, wall hangings, altar objects, ArcheoArt), ceramic sculpture, short story writing, storytelling, performance poetry, design skills using Photoshop (image adaptation, posters, business cards, websites etc), product photography and editing , cyanotypes, working with earth pigments, eco dying, creating ephemeral land art, creative movement, creative project co-ordination, performance event project leading and a basic understandings of a variety of crafts i.e. basket weaving, loom weaving of various kinds, doll making etc.

Grungy fox skull - connecting to bone woman - flipped.jpg
"The stories...wove bone woman into our very being. This made the connection real along with the embodiment exercises."



May 2022 - completed Nature Connection Facilitator training with Change in Nature.


Nov 2018 - FEM exhibition with three other female artists in Birdwood House Totnes Devon.


July 2013 Exhibition of my jewellery at Greenhill Arts, Mortenhampstead, Devon.


2013 Gave birth to my son.


2012 - 2013 - Bone Song Storytelling Collective was conceived and our debut show The Story of Skeleton Woman was performed in 4 sell out shows in venues in Devon they were followed by a collective exploration of the story after each show.  

CRB Clarence 20th July 2022

2014 - 2023 Self Employed Artist creating talismanic art, myth-poetic online courses, collaborative storytelling performances working with musicians and other poets, nature connection experiences and design work - websites, posters, social media advertising and business cards. I maintain my own website as well as take all publicity photographs and designing publicity material.

2012 - 2013 - Volunteer presenter writing and delivering a monthly show for local community radio station called SoundArt. My show, The Musing Moon, was about mythology, fairytale, poetry and art, both modern and ancient.


10th November 2009 - Distinction in City and Guilds Level 1 award in Creative Techniques in Drawing and Painting.


2009 - 2012 - Volunteer in Oxfam Bookshop organising Fundraising events with poets and musicians as well as working in the shop pricing donations and serving customers. 


 2009 - 2012 - Performance poet and home based child minder and working evenings in the local youth club for young people with Learning Disabilities. 


23 October 2009 CAHE level 3 Diploma in Home Based Childcare.


May 2008 - Jan 2009 - Travelling in Ireland, Spain and France assisting people with running or setting up eco-land projects and doing some community arts projects along the way.


Nov’ 2007 - May 2008 - South Somerset Mind, yeovil. youth Support Worker assisting on a youth project then later setting up a new project for younger people.



Aug - Nov 2007 - Lifeways Agency - Support Worker in house for two gentlemen with Learning Disabilities.


26th Nov’ 2007  completed Keeping Children Safe - A children protection awareness programme - Educate and NSPCC


24th Nov’ 2007 attended one day workshop on - Sexual Health and Relationships for Young People with Learning difficulties


June - August 2007 Travelling Street Performance 'The Green Man and the Green Woman' in South West of England.


June 2006 to June 2007 - developing myself as a poet and performer.


Jan 2006 - May 2006 - Travelling in India.


Aug 2006 to Jan 2006 - Teaching Assistant in a school in Wales working specifically with a young man who refused to engage with classes on any level, displaying behavioural difficulties, he was being disruptive when in classes and refusing to learn to read. I worked with him on his main struggle which was his fears around reading. During this time he began to invest effort and developed considerably in the time i was working with him. All previous teaching assistants assigned to him had no success and eventually left the post.


3rd  October 2005 changed my name from Jayne Marie West to Jade Kamala Moon


July - September 2005 Festival Childrens Area Co-ordinator organising materials, volunteers and timetables for a succession of weekend long events on the same site in Dingestow, Gwent.


March 2003 - completed How to Paddle your own Canoe a Community Arts Training programme run by Folk South West.


7th October 2003 - 30th June 2005 working for South Somerset Mind  (Yeovil Somerset) an open door drop in centre for adults with Mental Health Issues. My roles were volunteer co-ordinator, support worker (practical and emotional support) and i also ran a weekly art group for visitors to the centre.


21st November 2003 - day training on The Mental Health Act - South Somerset Mind


23rd July 2003 - Day training Self Harm Awareness - South Somerset Mind


10 November 2003 - Young People and Mental Health - South Somerset Mind

July 2003 - Butoh Dance Performance called Anatomy of Clouds at Yeovil Art Festival - created with young dancers from the local college in partnership with the local council and funded by UnLtd.

2001 through to 2006 - Community Arts Projects through Yeovil Youth Service and South Somerset District Council. 

As well as a great variety of fire dance and poetry performances.


Sept’ 2002 - October 2003 -  support work in a day centre and residential placements for people with learning disabilities.


School holiday dates 2002 - 2003 Play Leader for South Somerset District Council - designing and delivering holiday activities for young people between 3 and 12 years a part of a team.

From Pauline Burr - South Somerset District Council Arts Development Officer

“Jade not only has an endearing and enchanting personality, which attracts people of all ages to her, she also demonstrates a strong empathy to whatever situation she finds herself in. This enables her to communicate well and to hold the attention of groups she works with, whether this is in a community arts context or as a performer.


Her spirited individuality and creativity is inspirational, thought provoking and quite charming - once you have met Jade you will never forget her!


having know Jade for a number of years, in both  professional and social capacity, I would recommend her to any prospective employer or commissioner. in addition to her creativity, she is dependable, well-oragnaised and highly professional. Will you please, therefore, accept this as a reference offering my full recommendation of Jades ability as a motivating community artist, a delightful performer and an inspirational poet.”

Feb 2001 - May 2002 - .Learning Support Worker for Young People attending Lufton Manor college, a residential college for young people with learning disabilities.


Oct 2000 to Dec 2003 - Youth Work between 2-3 evenings a week and full days in school Holidays as part of a team devising and delivering activities to support young people emotionally and practically.


Trainings in Engaging Young People

1st June 2003 - Environmental Arts - Somerset County Youth Service


1st June 2003 - Particitpation training - Somerset County Youth Service


1st June 2003 - Accessing Funding - Somerset County Youth Service


15-16 March 2003 - The Simulation Weekend - Somerset County Youth Service


April 2002 - Communication Training and Development Course - Mencap


20 oct 2001 - Eating Disorders awareness - Somerset County Youth Service.

2000 - Began performing poetry.

1997 - 2000 - Contemporary Art Degree from Nottingham Trent University .

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